Full-stack software development is the core of the IT sector in recent times. The advent of several tech stacks in the industry has certainly revolutionized the way the website development process is looked at. At the same time, it has created the atmosphere for a dilemmatic mindset amongst developers across the world.

Thus, it becomes important to closely examine each technology to deliver a dynamic website experience to the end-users. So, let’s have a detailed glance at some popular full-stack technologies that smoothen the website development journey.


The term MEAN is an acronym for Mongo DB, ExpressJS, Angular JS, and Node.js which makes it the profound collection of JavaScript-based technologies. On the other hand, MERN is one of the variations of MEAN where only the traditional Angular JS is replaced with React JS. 

Thus, these are open-source and free JavaScript software used for creating dynamic websites and applications. All the major components of the MEAN and MERN stack support the JavaScript program and can be written in a common language for both server and client-side executions.

Mongo DB
It is a NoSQL database system used for saving data in binary JSON format. As a result, facilitates the ease of data transfer between the client and the server. Moreover, it is a cross-platform document-oriented database system to build highly scalable software. Additionally, its flexible schema approach makes it the favorite choice of full-stack website development companies across the world.

It is a lightweight framework that provides robust features for developing single and multi-channeled web applications in Node. The framework was inspired by the popular Ruby framework, Sinatra, and provides the utility belt for comprehensive web development at the backend. It is known for providing a simpler interface for handling cookies, creating request endpoints, etc.

Angular JS
This JavaScript framework by Google is a set of awesome features that enables two-way data binding and serves as a complete solution for rapid web development. Primarily used for front-end functionalities Angular JS uses HTML as the basic template language and extension of HTML’s syntax for considering application components with great ease. Largely, Angular JS is suitable for Single Page Applications (SPAs) development.

React JS
React JS, a major component of the MERN stack is a set of extended Javascript libraries and is maintained by Facebook. It is essentially used as a base for developing single-page or mobile applications. This popular framework is widely known for its virtual DOM feature and is programmed in combination with Express to give effective results.

Node JS
The popular full stack tech Node.js is a server-side JavaScript framework that is built on the V8 JavaScript runtime of Google Chrome. Furthermore, they are primarily deployed for non –blocking servers, back-end API services, event-driven servers, etc. Being a front-end programming language it uses a single thread to develop and optimize web projects with higher scalability and speed.

Ruby on Rails (ROR)

It is an open-source software used for creating websites with the help of a general-purpose programming language. It is a top-ranked programming language that has gained predominance in the Full-Stack Software Development ecosystem because of the voguishness of Rails. Being developed by David Heinemeier Hansson, it is often referred to as simply “Rails”.

It is used in amalgamation with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to allow effective web development with improved productivity. Moreover, this general-purpose programming language comprises groomed syntax and streamlines all the excessive codes for creating high-level abstraction. Though it requires less code but is more potent to deliver interactive features and development structure.

The MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture of Rails detaches the application logic from the UI layer and assists in several development concerns. It is best suited for creating an online store and ensuring sophisticated browsing.


The term LAMP is an acronym for its key components – Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python and was coined by Michael Kunze in1998. It is the most common solution stack for web development and is referred to as the generic software stack model. 

Alternatively, LEMP is a combination of the same software components except for Apache which is replaced by Nginx (Engine X). The model consists of free and open-source software with various and retronyms suitable for the operating system, database, web server, and software languages too.

Also known as Linux Kernel it is a widely accepted and ported operating system belonging to the family of open-source UNIX-like operating systems. This community-developed operating system is suitable for computers, mainframes, servers, embedded devices, and mobile devices. Ideally, this operating system is suitable for browsing, emailing, graphic management, etc.

It is the HTTP server that is developed and maintained by an open community of developers at Apache Software Foundation. According to Net craft’s 2013 estimation Apache served 54.2% of all active websites and grew its dominance to 54.2% in the year 2014. Its diversified features support the several compiled module of the website and application development process from server-side programming to authentication.

Nginx (Engine X)
Nginx is the replaced component in the LEMP environment which is pronounced as Engine X. This web server operates on the event-driven approach and is potent to handle multiple requests in a single thread. Moreover, it supports all the members of the Unix-like OS family. Furthermore, Engine X is simper to install ad configure the concurrent connections while serving the static files.

MySQL & alternatives
Originally, it was considered as the relational database management system of LAMP. Presently, it is provisioned by community-developed forks like Postgre SQL, Maria DB, NoSQL, etc. The multithreaded and multi-user database management system strengthens the data integration and helps to develop a variety of applications with great ease and efficiency.

PHP & alternatives
In the LAMP and LEMP atmosphere, the PHP’s role is performed by its two alternatives Perl and Python. Since PHP is the server-side scripting language for web development, similarly Peri and Python are the high-level general-purpose programming language that provides dynamic typing system, memory management, and access to the elongated library. As a result, makes the full-stack web development process a seamless task for scripting and non – scripting contexts.

Full-Stack Software Development in the USA, Canada, and UAE


It is the newest full-stack technology which is a Python-based open-source web framework and is maintained by Django Software Foundation (DSF). It works on MTV (Model – Template – Views) architecture.
It is the newest full-stack technology which is a Python-based open-source web framework and is maintained by Django Software Foundation (DSF). It works on MTV (Model – Template – Views) architecture.

The primary goal of the technology is to ease the complex, database-driven website development. Its prominent framework focuses on creating reusable and pluggable components with less code and coupling. Popular sites like Instagram, Mozilla, Clubhouse, Bitbucket, etc, are based on the Django framework.

It allows full-stack developers to ensure complete security and higher scalability during software development. Moreover, no special tools are required to develop a Django project as the source codes are edited using a conventional text editor. It is written in Python and all the text editors in the platform are aware of the programming language.


To support full-Stack Software Development and find the right set of developers for the purpose is certainly a complex task. Since all the available technologies have their own significance during the development process, therefore, it becomes important to consider the web development companies with proficiency in all tech stacks. So, grab the opportunity to choose the required set of full-stack developers from www.centrelocus.com and get your job done at the greatest efficiency.
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