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The optimization of any website begins with the right action plan and timely execution of them. The websites with the optimum element in it rules the search engine ranking. And we at Centre locus, a SEO Marketing Company take this pride to help to prosper with our business plans and practices.

1.What is SEO & Why is it important?

Through our continuous competitive market analyses, we are confident to identify growth opportunities for you, with an ace over customer search psychology for the product.

Hence, we can understand the requirement for your organic visibility and create a venue for the revenue. We have a powerful SEO solution to adhere best to your expectations, which is built on unique business strategies backed by prioritized recommendations.

To provide the best encounter to your e-commerce we perform the optimization considering the site architecture, the in-built links, and Content structure.

SEO important

Site Architecture

The performance of the site depends largely on its architecture as it defines how it crawls, gets read, and is indexed on the search engines.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for an e-commerce business to understand how a search engine ranks the sites. Our result-oriented team conducts the technical audit to analyze the health of your website based on its JavaScript files, server-response codes, speed, render-blocking, images, faceted navigation, schema mark-up, and another technical forte. Based on the study, certain recommendations are provided, which are then acted upon accordingly for the ideal projection of the website.

This audit helps comprehend Google search bots to ensure easy accessibility and navigation for the visitors. At Web capital, we ensure website re-structuring (if required) to make you see through the impacts of our Search Engine practices on your overall revenue.

Link Building

The Search Engine algorithm relies heavily on provided links which serve as the strongest equity for every organization. The secure and authoritative links magnify the site’s visibility and bring productive organic traffic to the site. Considering the Search Engine algorithm, we ensure enhancing your reach by creating both external and internal links.

The external links are placed on third-party websites pointing back to your website. These links consist of certain descriptive keywords to reflect the product or categories that are been targeted.

Since google visualizes this as a third-party endorsement thus it organically improves ranking statistics for your website. The internal links are created to showcase the relevance of your content to what has been searched for. Hence, it is a must to have the right links so that google bots search lands on your page, making it visible. We believe to frame right so that the chase is wide.

Content Structure

Content Structure

Structuring appropriate content is the foundation for effective SEO. For the businesses to grow by leap and bound it is very essential to ensure that “what has to be conveyed, must be heard and understood.”

This is where the specialization in the field plays a crucial role and we serve you best with this expertise. As our in-depth content audit and creation ensures that there is no duplicity as it creates space for the negative reviews to prevail.

With our content strategies, we craft incredibly unique content in the form of blog posts, long-form content, giveaways, quizzes, and more to ensure better engagements and conversions thereupon.

SEO Tips

Is SEO an ongoing process? SEO is the fundamental marketing strategy to enhance the website’s visibility in the search engine. But every wondered why some websites rule the sphere whereas the others are simply hidden?

Yes, you must have noticed it that there are certain specific sites that have created their mark on the first page of the search engine for the longest time.

Ideally if every website is search engine optimized not all together of course, but at least in a periodic days and hours. But that does not really happen, the reason being because they miss out on certain basic essentials that make others shine but dim their light.

  • Consider Google EAT’s principles.

  • Optimization for mobile and voice search.

  • Developing quality internal and external links

  • Focus on semantic key words

  • Listing of local Searches

  • Image optimization


SEO Features you must have in your new website

Though there are various elements that get incorporated in your business website but here are few that are the must haves for you to acknowledge before you give a big nod to your website. Also, SEO can be divided as On Page and Off Page SEO

Responsive Website Design
The prime factor is the design outlay of the website which shall not just be attractive but responsive too. With we mean the before you get into the direct talk with the clients, your website shall do majority of the talking, thus it needs to self explanatory.

Title Tags
The title tags on the website shall be indicated in the clear manner, so that user lands on the right page containing the required information in an organized manner.

High-quality, optimized content.
The content placed on the website shall be thoroughly optimized to understand the requirement of the right audience. The vibe of the content shall go in proper sink with the respective niche.

Strong link building
Since in majority of cases websites are the not just one page, there are several inter linked pages. Therefore, these links shall be created with clarity and proper format to let user feel delighted with seamless surfing.

Page loading time.
Ideally, the best page loading time lies between 2 to 5 is 2 seconds, but beyond that it shall be taken care of. The case is so because more the loading time is, higher the bouncing rate becomes.
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