The growing outsourcing culture across the globe has created space for healthy collaboration for the business world. In the year 2018, the global market for outsourcing was worth $85.6 billion and 59% of these business houses saw outsourcing as the means to cost reduction. Besides being the cost-efficient way of getting the job done outsourcing has some risk attached to it which certainly needs special adherence. The happy news is that the IT sector which is fondly known as the development industry is subjected to less risk if the right offshore partners like Centrelocus are picked. According to a Deloitte survey, an IT outsourcing company in India is expected to witness a growth of 7.25% CAGR by 2025and here the 70% success story has its footing in the idea of cost reduction.

How to begin finding the right offshore development partner?

Determining criteria is nowhere a big deal as it is largely backed by the requirements of the client but finding the space, to begin with, is certainly a key task. The voyage to hunt the right offshore development fit generally begins with Search Engines. Yes, the search engines like Google have been the dominant source for the purpose. However, in recent times there are several platforms that shall be paid due attention to pick the justifiable mix.

• LinkedIn, the most reliable social platform is where the professional meets. Therefore, making the best use of the platform to reach out desired outsourcing partner is the wise and most sorted choice.

• Other such platforms where one can expect a quick response from the team is Instagram and Facebook. These platforms not just provide better access but also provide deep insights into the services of the company.

• The recommendations from the corporate partners are the most traditional yet impactful way of finding the best outsourcing fit as mouth-to-mouth communication only begins with the experience.

To be noted platforms like Quora, Pin interest, Twitter, and other intermediatory spaces like Up work, Freelancer, etc can also be used to identify the best offshore fit.

Filter the Responses and Examine Portfolios

Naturally, when any query has been sent, the companies revert within 24 hours. In case you have placed a query in more than one company then receiving several responses is quite certain. Therefore, the next big task is to filter these responses and start analyzing them by conducting a comparative study based on pre-determined parameters and narrowing down the list. In most cases, cost becomes the fundamental basis of filtration followed by portfolios. It is the time when you shall examine each offering in detail from time frames, tech stack used, to length of the collaboration. Everything forms the crucial part of a detailed portfolio examination without which no partnership stands retained.

Final Words

Aiming the business growth in this offshore development culture is quite strategic. Therefore, having reliable offshore development partners like is the actual need of an hour to allow your possibilities to turn into prosperity.
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