With the growing concern of businesses towards building online presence website development and designing has occupied the front stage. However, despite holding distinct importance people often confuse between the two terms. Fundamentally, both these aspects of the website are very different in nature and importance. However, they are collectively used towards making a successful website, yet their distinct functional aspects cannot be missed. So, let us understand the clear distinction between these two website elements.

What is Web Development?

Web (Website) Development refers to the tasks which involve building, creating, and maintaining web application that runs online on browsers. The concept of web development consists of web programming, web designing, and database management. 

It ranges from plain text to complex web applications, e-commerce sites, and social network services. It majorly deals with two major aspects Front-end and Back – end development based on a solid understanding of programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc. Additionally, some of the most –used known frameworks and tools include React, Angular, Ember, NodeJS, MySQL, Git, Oracle, etc., and require skilled developers.

What is Web Design?

As the name suggests the term simply refers to the design of the website which the user notices first on the internet. Hence, it is largely concerned with enhancing the user experience (UE) aspects of the website development, not software development. 

Therefore, the web designers are focused on working on the layout, content, images, color, fonts, etc. of the website Such designs are crafted keeping in mind the responsiveness and adaptability of the consumer that is generally dynamic in nature. Hence, strong web design helps to initiate the brand-building process.

Difference between Web Design and Web Development

Evidently, there are some key differences which are essential to understand between web development and web designing to be precise while planning a website development.

Point of Distinction

Web Development

Web Design

Span of Work

Web Development is a collection of several individual expertises and is comparatively broader term.

Web Design is a sub-concept of Web Development services where the former acts as an important part.


Determining the financial and technical plausibility of the project,

Conceptualizing idea and website look with UI/UX elements.

Nature of Expertise

Technical Knowledge (Programming) and Logical thinking.

Visual Creative and Communication Skills

Skills and Knowledge

HTML, Java, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Python, SVN, GIT, etc.

Visual and User Experience Skills, SEO Marketing, Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, etc.

How to choose your website Partners?

While choosing the Website partners the service seeker shall consider certain key criteria to make the finest choice. If you are looking for offshore website development and designing partners it is wise to go with the agency providing full-fledged services.
Let's see what more is essential to consider.
● Visit the website and find out if they have a profound website.
● If yes, go ahead checking the client reviews, recommendations, and feedback.
● Analyze the service rating of the company on social platforms.
● Check the Portfolio and Case studies present on the company website. If not available please connect the team and ask for the same.
● Consider the pricing factor and see if they are competitive.
● Consult directly with the project coordinator of the company and understand how expectations can be met.

Final Words

While looking for website creation it is important to go with the agency with both development, UX designing, UI Designing and Graphic designing expertise. It helps to build a full-fledged website at one-stop and post-development services can be expected. You can find one such USA and UK-based website partner at www.centrelocus.com and create your beautiful online presence.
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