In a world that runs in haste and wants the best, the slow-loading websites can be an irritating factor. Thus, it is important to ensure that the websites load at the fastest speed that keeps the visitors engaged. Especially for the mobile version of the website where users seek immense convenience, the businesses shall not forget to enhance the performance of the mobile sites.

Ways to improve the performance of Mobile Site

The idea of performance varies for every business type, users, competitor’s base, and most of all for the technical team. We see “Mobile Site Performance” as the indicator of the business health which comes in the form of visitors and stays in the form of customers/clients.

Simplified Web Design
The idea of a simplified website is to look elegant, tasteful yet lighter. We understand the website with lots of elements look undoubtedly elegant but it decreases the speed of the website too. As a result, the developers and the team shall focus on providing a lighter website experience to the users which includes less not so important elements.

Only Compressed Images
The images with huge dimensions if placed on the website take longer to load. Therefore, it is recommended to use the compressed images with shall be scaled for the mobile. Alongside, if the website does not call for many images then it is better to avoid the extra work to keep it all meaningful, relevant, and less problematic.

Keep the Google AMP active
By active Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) the website pages not just load faster but look great too. This powerful tool works effectively regardless of the device and distribution platform. It is based on ultra-minimalistic HTML which works towards speeding up the loading time of the content on the website.

Minimum Custom Fonts
The custom fonts indeed look amazing but their major dependency on JavaScript and CSS can have an impact on the loading speed of the mobile website. If possible the use of such fonts shall be reduced by limiting their use to headings and other more relevant areas on the site.

Keep the Redirecting Relevant
While thinking of optimization redirection is of utmost importance and shall be considered. However, what cannot be neglected is the fact that redirecting slows down the site speed. It uses the server to retrieve the original document requested by the clicked link. Even the delay of seconds can lead to an increased bounce rate. Thus, redirecting shall only be done for the places where it is of extreme importance.

Reduce the Signup steps
A simple concept that applies here is,” More you make it difficult for the people to reach you, the more they will choose to stay away.” Thus, the website shall include the easiest sign-in and contact us options with the minimal steps requirement. This small change can actually solve the page loading and engagement issues at the same time.

Consider Mobile SEO

Merely designing the website with all the relevant information is not where the story ends, instead, the story begins right from here. The business owners shall in no case avoid the importance of website optimization. Similarly, if you are aiming to improve the performance of the mobile website then considering the Mobile SEO is of great importance. Google’s Mobile-First Index serves as the basis of Google ranks and search listings.

Final Words

Being the most convenient surfing option mobile has created its special place in the life of the users. It indicates that if businesses want to leave a long-lasting impression on the users or visitors then they shall take into account the performance of the Mobile site. If you are one of those business houses looking for optimizing the performance of your mobile site using SEO and other crucial factors. Then, you a just a step away from getting it done- Visit the prominent offshore SEO Agency at

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