The distinction between the pros and cons of the most widely used web development frameworks .NET and PHP is certainly giving rise to the dilemma that arises during the development process. As a result, it becomes essential to address these points of distinction to bridge the inefficiency gap and pave the way towards a smooth software development process.

Features of .Net And PHP

Ideally, both PHP and .NET frameworks play crucial roles while defining and executing the web development process. PHP which is an open-source programming language is usually embedded in HTML language. Precisely, it was created and developed by Rasmus Lerdrof and Zend Technologies in the year 1995. Ever since then, there are several updates for the same, but the latest and the most stable release is 7.2.5 which was launched in 2018.

Being written in C and C++, the syntax of PHP is similar to C language broadly. Thus, it becomes easier for PHP to connect with Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, etc. Moreover, it uses PHP Interpreter for processing the code. Oops, a concept that comes along with PHP 3 and PHP 4 makes the programming secure, simpler, and flexible. As a result, it is used for developing more dynamic yet simple applications with the help of GUI and command-line tools.
.Net is the software framework that majorly runs on Microsoft Platforms and acts as the layer between programming languages and operating systems Being released in the year 2002 this licensed and open-source framework consists of essential components like CLI and CLR ( Common Language Runtime )which are written using C or C++. Besides this, the framework supports several other languages like Vb.net and provides a common set of libraries to support several languages.

The framework allows the compilation of code and converts them into Intermediate Language (IL) not Machine Language (ML). With its immense support for cross-platform functioning and security mechanism .NET helps to manage memory as well. To remove the unused objects Garbage Collector (GC) runs across the entire framework in a particular interval of time. GC, fondly known as generational also enhances the overall performance of the application. Thus; it becomes easier for developers to write code in any language as the variation only lies in the syntax.

Basic Differences between .NET and PHP

Basis of Comparison




It is programmed in C and C++ language.

It uses C, C++, assembly language, and other frameworks.


With PHP both development and deployment is easier.

.NET makes the


It is a programming language.

It is a platform neutral language.


Merely used for developing web applications.

Suitable for developing both web and desktop applications.

Open source

PHP is open-sourced development product.

.NET is the licensed web development product.




Operational Differences Between .NET and PHP

The battle between .NET and PHP is generally seen as an everlasting one, yet certain differences help to make the right choice. Remember the decision is largely driven by the purpose and expectations from the applications. Let’s understand thoroughly.
• PHP allows operations at a faster speed by making the optimum use of system resources and also does not slow down other processes. On the other hand .Net uses system resources in abundance. As a result, requires high system configuration for smooth functioning.

• In .NET developers do not get much freedom to code as the development process is limited to visual studio IDE only whereas PHP being an open-source framework provides immense freedom to code.

• Being highly scalable PHP is an appropriate choice for high-traffic websites such as Wikipedia. On the other hand, .NET is largely is used for stack overflow besides being scalable.

• PHP framework can be accessed free of cost whereas the .NET being a Microsoft licensed product have to be bought to facilitate the development process. Thus, development becomes costlier with the later,

• PHP framework is considered more flexible and compatible with most of the operating systems but the case is not the same with the .NET framework.

Final Words

Both the frameworks have their perks and problems, the crux lies in identifying the project demands. PHP is free of cost, simpler, easier, and has provided immense consistency whereas .NET provides a mechanism to develop complicated tasks and address the primary concerns. So, consult an experienced IT development company like www.centrelocus.com to understand what suits your best project needs best.
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