Inarguably, WordPress has solely dominated the website development space for the longest time in the era before Wix emerged as the alternative website builder in the world. Does this mean Wix is giving healthy competition to WordPress? Is Wix better than WordPress? Shall Wix be the next choice for targeting website development? 

All these notions seem to take the active pace with the recent emergence of Wix and have opened doors for the dilemma to enter the ecosystem. Therefore it is high time to address these queries and establish subtle opinions for both these distinct yet comparable tech stacks.

Is Wix better than WordPress - Comparison

Pricing Privileges and Cost Determination

Determining the cost of website development is the basic indicator of choosing one of these site builder platforms. Though the total cost of the project development and maintenance depends on the distinct requirement of the clients yet there have to be some pricing measures too. Wix offers basic website building features for free but includes branded advertisements on the top and bottom of the website. 

Additionally, one cannot customize their domain name and it stands defaulted as Only the upgraded and premium packages provide additional to remove Ads and include Google Analytics, E-commerce, and Favicons functionalities. On the other hand, WordPress is also available for free (premiums certainly add more features) and is suitable for hosting websites too. 

With its free themes and plugins, people find it quite beneficial to reduce costs without upgrading the hosting plan. Conclusively, WordPress overpowers Wix with its flexible plans and variety of hosting features.

Easy to use Website Builder

For the people who do not find it convenient to hire a website designer, both Wix and WordPress can be a great support. Wix makes it easier for individuals to select the element of their choice and begin editing by adding media in the provided user-friendly environment.

Similarly, WordPress is an incredible website development solution that allows users to create stunning layouts and customized websites with the help of thousands of themes and plugins. So, evidently both these website builders are easy to use, manage, and develop desired online space.

Design and Layout

Isn’t it a human tendency to notice design and layout the first time we come across any random website? Indeed it is, therefore the site’s design and layout act crucial while determining its success rate. As a result, every site owner aims to create an attractive and user-friendly website to stand out in the competition. Wix comprises more than 900 pre-made templates to help create a fully responsive website layout.

Here, each template comes with distinct categories like e-commerce, art & crafts, hobbies, personal, etc. but once one of these templates is selected it becomes impossible to change and change it. However, WordPress not just provides several themes and plugins but also provides the benefits of incorporating modifications as and when required. Thus, WordPress proves to be the wiser choice for beginners or the ones who need to evolve their websites as Wix comes with certain restrictions.

Third Party Extensions

Plugins and Apps are two of the main third-party extensions that add more features to the website. Wix comes with more than 200 apps that offer a wide range of features like adding social media buttons, gallery, contact form, email marketing, etc into its space.

On the other side, WordPress seems to command the ecosystem of third-party extensions with more than 58000 free plugins; therefore every form of Website development is possible with WordPress.

Best for Blogging

Blogging becomes fun with the right interface and both Wix and WordPress provide this functionality but in certain distinct orders. With the help of Wix users can add a blog section to their website and go ahead with basic blogging features.

However, the comments, responses, and management are slower with Wix whereas WordPress which actually started as the blogging platform offers full-blown blogging features. Moreover, users can extend their blog by making the best use of WordPress Plugins too. As a result, WordPress certainly outshines Wix and still stands as the best platform for blogging.

Data Portability

Data portability defines the flexibility of the website to freely move the content away when required. While dealing with the aspects of data portability Wix comes with limited options and only allows the exporting of blog posts in XML format. As a result, one has to manually download the content like images, videos, graphics, etc.

However, being the full-fledged Content Management System (CMS) WordPress makes it extremely smooth to export content with just a click. Additionally, the complete backup is possible with WordPress as the self-hosted platform. Thus, the former (Wix) seems to stand weak in supporting seamless data portability too.

E-Commerce Compatibility

Online sales are the newest trend, therefore require a suitable platform to support the E-Commerce functionalities. So far the free version of the Wix does not offer E-commerce privileges but with its paid plans users can run easily run their online stores and accept payments with the help of native payment systems like PayPal and more. 

With WordPress, the E-commerce journey is way smoother with the help of Woo Commerce. Also, the extended range of plugins on WordPress also makes it convenient to sell physical goods, services, events, digital goods, subscriptions, courses, etc. Evidently, with the powerful inclusion of the world’s most popular E-commerce platform WordPress stands way stronger than Wix.

Final Words

Evidently, Wix has comparatively huge challenges to deal with and gaps to fill for competing in this fast-moving technological ecosystem. In comparison to WordPress, the latest website builder Wix stands as a weaker choice owing to its limited scope of customization and e-commerce & data compatibility. Therefore, unless Wix addresses the prevailing gaps in its ecosystem it would be wrong to say that Wix is better than WordPress.
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