Is SEO an Ongoing Process?

With millions of websites running and competing with each other on Google Search Engine might make you wonder, what do the ones ruling the first page of the Search Engine do? Is it a fluke or strategy? Indeed, it’s a strategy to optimize online presence through a widely accepted process called Search Engine Optimization.

Is SEO a process or an event?

It is a process comprising of two aspects – Off and On-Page SEO. As the name suggests, Off- Page SEO refers to all the activities which are performed off the website to increase the search engine ranking. On contrary, on-page SEO is the optimization strategy implemented on the web pages or website to make it rank higher.

So, ideally when an SEO company works both off and on-page, then goal attainment shall be real quick. Isn’t it? The answer would be a big NO because SEO is an ongoing process that requires huge consistency to see results. Ideally, it takes at least 3 months to witness changes. Thus, SEO is never a one-time deal; it’s a sophisticated maintenance process. So, lets’ understand what makes it an ongoing process.

Constant Market Changes

No organization works in complete isolation. As a result, there always exists some kind of relationship that the  company shares with other market players. Such a relationship can be a supporting or rivalry one. Regardless, of what the relationship is, every organization has to certainly work towards its brand creation and maintenance.
Here, the crux only lies in understanding your industrial market ecosystem because the changing market scenarios lead to change in branding strategies and so does SEO practices. The continuous innovation sets a new benchmark leading to the requirement of a more rigorous SEO campaign where market demands are reflected.

Search Engine Rules

We all must have often heard of the advice,” Stay updated”. Yes, this is where the power of SEO lies. Staying ahead in the market requires staying updated with the Search Engine rules. With the invasion of advanced technology, search engine algorithms and metrics change every now and then. AS a result, staying rigid with previously planned strategy.

Often leads to slow pacing and penetrating into the market. It is extremely important to follow SEO trends and precise algorithms matching your business type. This is the reason why we often see the ranking position on Google changes even with the slight negligence to the algorithm.

The technical thought leader claims that Google alters its search engine algorithm 400-500 times a year. Isn’t it huge to deal with? But let’s not forget it's equally important to have SEO done.

Change in Competition

Every single activity happening on the search engine faces competition, from written content to videos to audios to animation and the website at large. Each action in the competitive world is closely observed leading to the creation of new offerings which become the new standard then on. 

Thus, here the job of the SEO expands, from merely high ranking to focusing on effective product offerings. Though the competitors' offerings mightcome and go yet the tactics used to attract customers become an additional algorithm, if successful.

How to get SEO done?

Evidently, SEO is an ongoing process requiring persistent efforts and patience to see desired results. Therefore, the subject-matter experts or agencies like Centrelocus shall be preferred to focus sincerely on SEO core competencies while you focus on yours. The earlier it is started, the better it is, thus make sure to get in touch with your digital partner at the earliest and get the profound market chase with an expert and experienced team in action.
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