Is python better than Nodejs?

Evidently, the IT sector is flooded with several programming languages which have emerged as competitors to each other. Yet amongst this, what has remained the hottest battle for a long time is between Node.js and Python. 

Yes, these languages being the close substitute of each other have become the most dilemmatic topic. Therefore, drafting the required line of distinction between the two to derive a suitable conclusion has been a hard row to hoe. Yet it is must respond to this query, thus we are here with our logical take on the same.

Understanding Node.js and Python

Node.js is a runtime js environment that is primarily used for non-blocking events and event-driven servers because of its single-thread nature. The origin of Node.js dates back to the year 2009 when Ryan Dahl wrote it for the first time and later it was sponsored by Joyent. In its initial days it only supported Linux and Mac OS X. With its user-friendly
structure, this language has gained major attention from the business world too.

The vast set of libraries and repository of Node.js makes it the richest platform for developing network applications and server-side. Additionally, it contains around 3, 50,000 packages which make it the most populated package registry across the globe.

Python is the general-purpose high-level programming language created back in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. The major emphasis of the language lies in allowing code readability. Additionally, it provides the programmers with ease to frame and writes logical code for all projects irrespective of their size.

It provides dynamic typing, reference counting and serves as the cycle-detecting garbage collector. Inarguably it holds the potential to enhance users' experience with its dictionaries, generator expressions, and list comprehensions.

R v/s Node.JS Battle

Though both these platforms are amongst the few large communities in the technological world that supports machine and deep learning. 

Yet their continuous advancement has contributed immensely to the growing battle between the two. Owing to their vast libraries and tools they have become the dilemmatic talk of the town. So, let's see what's more is to be discussed here to derive a better conclusion based on the following points:

Architecture: The ecosystem of Node.js is ideally designed to support non-blocking and event-driven projects whereas, on the other hand, Python is nowhere event-driven. As a result, python may not efficiently target the project requirements the way Node.js does.

Syntax: The syntax of Node.js is largely similar to the browser's JS and is quite complex but the python syntaxes are immensely simple and compact to bring to best use.

Extensibility: Nodes.js and Python are highly extensible and comprise several tools and frameworks. Sublime Text, Robot, Django, Flask, Web2Py, Pyramid are few prominent frameworks of Python. On the contrary Babel, log. lo, Migrat, PMZ, Webpack, Hapi, Meteor, and Express are the most functional tools of Node.js.

Libraries: Both Node.js and Python are reliable and understandable. Nodes.js is managed with NPM whereas the latter is managed with Pip. Thus, both these libraries are highly versatile but one thing that cannot be ignored is that Node.js is the highly populated library across the world.

Speed: The VB engine, event-based architecture and single module caching of the Node.js enhances the program speed whereas on the other hand python works a little slower due to its single flow mechanism.

Scalability: Python holds several different perks but in comparison to Node.js it stands a little less scalable because later can be scaled horizontally, vertically, and in terms of typing too.

Suitability: Node.js is specifically meant for delivering the best IoT solutions. Alongside, it supports real-time chats, chats bots, and developing complex single-page apps for all suitable streaming platforms. On the other hand, Python stands prominent for Data Science apps, face recognition image–processing and voice identification, and most importantly for 3D modeling software games.

Though Node.js and Python are completely suitable for web and desktop, there lies one major difference. Python is meant for both mobile back and front end whereas Node.js just focuses on mobile back–end functionality.


With the discussion so far it is quite evident that the choice between the two varies for each person. This preference is based on the requirements and expectations of the technology. 

Thus, Node.js and Python both stand powerful and firm in their respective domain, what needs to be brainstormed is what is our priority goal while using any of them. As we know all the coins have two sides, therefore it's absolutely up to us which side we choose to excel in.
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