4 Best PHP Frameworks

The concept of the PHP framework is certainly rolling high in the software development sphere. Amongst all the available PHP frameworks, few have created an exceptional place in the list, not just in the Centrelocus’ list of frameworks but in the global list as well. Are you wondering what these four PHP shining stars are, and what makes them shine so bright? Lets' seek the answer in this same space you have landed on.

ROR (Ruby on Rails)

ROR is an open-source framework introduced by David Heinemeier Hanss that operates on the prominent concept of MVC (model-view-controller). This server-side web application framework is written using Ruby under the license based on MIT. 

Additionally, this object-oriented programming (OOP) language works similarly to Python and Perl. As a result, it provides a pre-established structure for web services, pages, and the overall database. Furthermore, it facilitates the prominent use of JSON and XML for transferring data and HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for better user interfacing. 

The ROR, also fondly known as Rails operates on several web servers and supports DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

Furthermore, ROR emphasizes making efficient use of software engineering paradigms and patterns. Some of them include Convention over Configuration (CoC), active record pattern, and don't repeat yourself (DRY). ROR framework has brought a revolutionary phase in the web app development process with its innovative tools. 

The ease of database table creation, migration, and scaffolding of views allow faster software development. This popular PHP framework creates room for speedy and easy development. 

David Geary, a Java expert has clearly defined the ROR framework 5 to 10 times faster than any other Java-based framework. Inarguably, ROR has set a benchmark which the several other frameworks are still trying to win over.


Code Igniter is again an open-source and MVC-based concept that provides suitable architecture for building websites using the PHP framework. Git Hub is used to maintain the source code under the MIT license. 

Though Code Igniter has many introductory shapes it its first public version was released in 2006 by EllisLab. The entire source code for this framework is somewhere close to 2 MB. Thus, it simplifies the deployment and updating of the programs here.

This elegant set of PHP frameworks is best suitable to provide full-featured web applications. Its strong security feature is built to act smart against CSRF and XSS attacks; this feature provides context-sensitive escaping and CSP. 

Amongst all the available PHP Frameworks CodeIgniter is known for its exceptional performance and customization which it provides with greater ease. Not to forget, nearly zero code igniter configurations are performed by thorough convention and these configuration options keep increasing with every newly launched version of Code Ignitor.


This prominent framework was created by Taylor Otwell which the aim to boost web application development using the MVC design pattern. It uses the Blade Tempting Engine to make effective use of the MVC framework. 

The "Model" depicts the shape of the data on which your application operates upon whereas "Controller" allows the effective interaction with the overall design model, it also facilitates updating and provides logic for the application. Hence, the "view" portion gets created with this provided info from the controller. Its key features include a modular packaging system, application deployment mechanism, syntactic sugar, and relational databases.

This open-source and server-side PHP web framework is specifically meant for custom applications. With the forte of bringing back-end functionalities to groove by facilitating user accounts, order management, exports, etc. Laravel has gained immense popularity and preference amongst professionals. 

Most importantly, it smartly handles all the annoying elements in the developing process such as routing, authentication, and HTML templating. Being the server-side platform running on PHP, the major focus of Laravel lies in data manipulation and standing by the Model-View-Controller design. Not just this it is completely suitable for effective user interaction with its solid foundation.


This free set of reusable PHP elements Symfony came into existence in 2005 and is supported by Sensio Labs. Being a PHP framework it certainly operated on an MVC design module with the advanced OOPS service architecture to enhance the project experience. 

It stands as an apt choice for full-stack, customized brick by brick development, and micro developments too. Symfony is the best choice for all core and advanced functionalities and also potent to solve the real-time challenges of customers by creating customer-centric applications.

It focuses on ensuring speedy creation and maintenance of software applications. Alongside, its low-performance overheads based on byte code cache make it highly efficient. Not just this, this powerful framework consumes less memory and is purely suitable for all forms of high-performing and robust digital requirements with its special optimizing features. 

Symfony nowhere compromises with the security and coding features, as a result, allows better productivity and bug-free development. This provides an additional benefit of re-using and sharing the bundle in other projects by making the unit testing lenient with the PHP Independent Unit Library. As a result, it offers really good tools to facilitate functional, behavioral, and unit testing.
Inarguably, each framework has its own perks to be your development choice, but be wise to make the right choice for you considering all the IFs and BUTs, or else get in touch with our team and get the best consultancy for your requirements. We are excited to enrol ourself on DesignRush and looking forward to help companies needing to get support of PHP programming.
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