Game development is indeed an exciting task. However, it undergoes rigorous processes to deliver an engaging gaming platform. From theme to design to plot to navigation, the gaming Apps are built with immense proficiency as these are meant to attract gaming enthusiasts in huge numbers. Thus, finding an expert game development company like shall be on your hit list. Wondering, what stages the game development process undergoes?

Different Stages of Game Development

The development of gaming application follows a structured process to ensure that it runs efficiently after the launch. Thus, the stages of game development include the following -

Ideating The Game
Before writing, designing, or developing the gaming application it is important to have a gaming idea on the surface. This is the very first step and the root of the game development process. At this stage, the emphasis is on the following aspect.
• Will the game be 2D or 3D?
• The key features it will have
• What would the characters be like?
• How would the gaming ecosystem be like?
• Defining the target audience
• What would be the appropriate platform to build the game?
• Estimated cost for the game development
Thus, planning, ideating, and visualizing how the game would look is the basic step in the process of game development.

Pre-production Stage
The core function of pre–production stage is the process of brainstorming how to give life to ideas that were laid down in the planning or ideating stage. Since this stage requires putting ideas to execution, therefore the role of writers, artists, developers, engineers, project leads, and designers become prominent here. From this point onwards the prototype characters, environments, interfaces, in-game elements, and control schemes, everything starts coming to life.

Production/ Development Stage
This stage is called – the “bread and butter” of the game development stage. Thus, at this stage time, effort, and resources prominent for game development are used here. As a result, characters are designed, rendered, and iterated to align with the game story. Alongside, audio designs are incorporated to sound authentic while the designers craft a gaming environment that is both immersive and dynamic. Furthermore, developers write thousands of source codes to give life to every concept that was planned. The project leads start coordinating all these game development activities to let gaming Applications come to life.

Testing The Gaming Application
Every feature and mechanic that is involved in game development processes are tested for quality control. The game that is not tested thoroughly is not even ready for Alpha release. Some of the key pointers that the tester focuses on at this stage are as follows –
• Are there any buggy elements or areas?
• Does everything renders on the screen well?
• Are all the discussed features highlighted in the interface?
• Do the characters function as desired?
There are more such aspects that playtesters observe closely and provide true feedback. It is after countless hours of testing and iterating that game is ready for late Alpha or Beta release.

Launching The Desired Game
This stage takes us closer to the finish line. Yes, this is where the thoroughly tested product is launched for the public to experience. Before launching the final product the developers ensure that no bugs exist. Thus, the interface and environment of the gaming platform are polished and textured. Every minor detail is taken care of before making the project live. Once the project successfully passes all the checklists it is assumed ready to be launched and distributed.

Post-launch Processes
It is the most exciting time for game developers as this is when their work gets attention from the masses. The first few months after the launch are spent on identifying and squashing the bugs dedicatedly. This is a crucial part of post-launch support. Alongside this, the support also extends to providing regular software updates for the application and incorporating new downloadable content. Hence, it can be said that Post – the launch process is majorly about offering “Support” for the developed Gaming App.

Final Words

Developing Games is a versatile experience as no two games can be created the same. Every game development company, developer, or studio would have a different approach toward the vision. Thus, find yourself the game development partner that understands every development approach and ace it. Finding such all – rounded and comprehensive game development company has always been a big task, but not now as is here at your service.
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