The exponential growth of smartphones has skyrocketed the scope of the mobile gaming market. From playing video games to preferring Android and iOS games, users are trying to find comfort in the fun. Today, several software development companies are mastering website and mobile app development, but only a few give regard to their game development expertise. The offshore software development, is emerging as a prominent game development company in the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Germany, India, and other parts of the world. However, it’s important to consider some key aspects of the company before partnering with them for your dream projects.


Active Presence of Company In The Market

Generally, a good outsourcing company is possibly visible on all popular platforms. To understand the active presence of the company conducting preliminary research is of utmost importance. This includes finding the companies over Google or other data–driven platforms like Clutch, Design Rush, etc. These resources provide the filtered details of the company based on their customer rating, cost, country, employees, and much more. Alongside this, find out how long the company has been in operation as this helps to understand its market expertise.

Observe Its Website And Portfolio

The website of the software development company is its identity and reflects its potential while giving an idea about its basic operational fundamentals. The “ About the Company” section on the website is what becomes the first point of attention for the clients as this gives all the required details of the company, its establishment, vision, mission, and more. Besides this, the “ Portfolio / Case Studies “ section talks about what projects the company has worked on over the course of its existence. This also helps you to understand if the company is ready or potential to meet your project requirements effectively.

Analyze The Team Composition

The team is indeed the strength of every company and having a larger team with pre-defined roles and responsibilities helps to develop a streamlined development process. For complex projects, like game development having clarity of job expertise helps to deliver flawless results. Look for a company with a few important people in roles: project managers, developers, designers, writers, marketers, support, animators, quality analysts, programmers, etc. Thus, while looking for a game development company make sure you do not have to compromise on any expertise.

Watch For The Tech Stacks

The game development company needs to be proficient with all types of game development. Finding a company with the ability to deliver both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 projects is an added advantage. The company shall be well–versed in commonly used programming languages for game development such as .NET, Python, C++, Java, Solidity, Unity 3D, etc. To deliver a design-rich – feature it shall be proficient at popular design tools like Nuclino, Construct 3, Game Maker Studio 2, RPG Maker, Godot, etc. Thus, it shall make effective use of a wide variety of resources including IDEs, libraries, servers, platforms, and software.

Understand Its Work Process

If the website or online interface does not give a true idea about the workflow of the company, directly reach out to the company’s executives to enquire more. Find out about the communication processes, flexibility with the team and timings, project management tool, quality assessment, testing methods, project lifecycle, methodologies, working hours and every other thing that you feel can influence the success of your projects.

Enquire About Project Cost And Price

Besides quality, the cost is the prime focus for everyone. Isn’t it? Nobody wants to disturb their project budget. Therefore, it is important to partner with a game development company that gives due regard to both project quality and cost. For getting a better understanding of the price cost and deliverables, request the company for “Quotation”. Having the quotation from the company helps to define whether or not the complete fit your budget and helps to avoid unnecessary expectations.

Look For Real Customer Reviews And Feedback

After getting a clear understanding of all the above-mentioned aspects, it’s important to see what the previous or existing clients of the company talk about it. This is where the real test of the company happens. The client –base of the company when rate or recommend the company, it acts as a positive sign to choosing the company as a game development partner. These reviews can be searched on Google, the company’s website, mobile applications, or other resources like Good Firms, Design rush, etc.

Final Words

The criteria for choosing the game development company in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Germany, Canada, or other parts of the world may vary based on the nature of the project. However, the above-mentioned criteria are the standard ones for everyone to consider. To help you out a little, an offshore game development company that fulfills all the fundamental criteria is which leaves no page unturned to deliver proficiency.