Slide Scroll To Check Our Case Studies Slide Case Studies #1 Risalat Consultants
A very Futuristic Dinner - The Doubt of Synthetic Chicken Bites Risalat Consultants International (RCI) which is the prominent consulting service provider for all industry types approached Centrelocus with the less interactive website that fetched lower conversion rates. Moreover, the high page loading time often increased their bouncing rate too. Thus, to bring better reach to their business idea, we redeveloped their website by enhancing their user interface (UI).
Consequently, with the launch of the interactive website Risalat Consultants witnessed significant rise in their customer base that stretches across 50 countries and 80 cities. This resulted in the creation of a loyal and satisfied customer base across the globe.

Technology used: PHP, CSS, HTML and Java script
Slide Case Studies #2 The Delivery Pointe Delivery Pointe - Happy client website The Delivery Pointe, a courier delivery partner to one of the globally renowned shipping company had the brilliant business idea that needed a reflective and interactive interface. The purpose of the company was to ease their operations and enhance the tracking mechanism to develop an authentic ecosystem. With this business model Company aims to create better employment opportunities and ensure that happiness gets delivered on time.
Thus, to strategize their idea and give life to their dream project, we developed their website from the scratch along with interactive mobile application too. With the development of the online interface, the Delivery Pointe now finds it convenient to pick and accurately track orders.

Technology used: Custom PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, Kotlin, Postgre DB
Slide Case Studies #3 Yalla Build YagaBuild - Centrelocus client's website The UAE-based Company; Yalla Build wanted to get an online interface to connect all major dots relating to building construction. As a result, aimed to make it a simplified approach for end-users and gain better business listings. Today, YallaBuild is a one-stop digital portal to connect contractors, material suppliers, property management, and consultants.
With the digital support of Centrelocus Yalla Build received its desired interface in the form of a well-versed website. The attractive website has brought smoothness in their daily operations and client engagement strategies. Moreover, it has made it to the list of the country’s biggest construction companies.

Technology used: Angular JS, CodeIgnitor, My SQL
Slide Case Studies #4 All Love Collections Centrelocus Clients - All love collections The ALC team which is a collection of several cosmetic brands today, approached us with the unstructured presentation ideas in mind. They were locally known for their effective cosmetic products but lacked the vision to take their initiative on a bigger scale. This also affected their revenue generation process despite having quality-product on the list.
To give life to their beautiful work, we began by migrating their business from DIY to Word press platform. It was the completely first exposure of the client to the online business world so we wanted it to be the best experience for them. Besides developing their website we also provide SEO-oriented campaign to support their marketing campaign. As a result, brand has up scaled its revenues in less than a year.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #5 British Healthcare
Trades Association
British Healthcare Trades Association - Happy client website The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) is a non-profit organization with 400 members as retailers, installers, service providers, and manufacturers. This renowned association felt the need to enhance its online operations for making it easily accessible for all. With the previously existing website, BHTA faced several loading issues and more importantly found it difficult to interact with their members.
As a result, we redeveloped and launched their data-intensive website with a user-friendly interface. With the launch of the new website, BHTA is able to create a seamless experience for its valuable members and achieve their pre-determined goals at a faster pace.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #6 Poke- Makai poke makai - centrelocus client The Poke- Makai is a food outlet that wanted to attract a large customer base to experience their delicacies. Thus, they decided to get an online interface created because they knew the internet is the new business place now. With this thought process in mind and taste in their offerings, Poke–Makai discussed their approach with us and we addressed all their requirements through website development.
Our expert team of developers worked on creating a healthy and progressive interface for them where they can interact with their customers at great ease. It lead to a significant increase in their revenue building through online orders which were earlier missing. Now, their initiative has stretched to a business ground full of prosperity and an expanded customer base.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #7 Werkstatt Big Meals Big Sound Werkstatt is a place with big food, drink, and music vibe. With these vibes being so infectious, they wanted more people to be a part of it. Moreover, with the pandemic turning out as a bad rage they did not want their consumers to compromise with the taste and with the musical vibe thereafter. The mere offline existence also limited their growth scope and made it difficult for new customers to get an idea about their quality offerings. Thus, in order to overcome these Wekstatt came up with an idea to launch a website.
Our team created a dynamic fluid website that reflects their ambiance vibes on the web screen. As a result, the existence of the website made it easier for them to treat their customers with delicacies, make them aware of their newly added offerings and give new prospects a complete picture of what Wekstatt works, serves, and looks like. This certainly brings better sale turnover into their pockets.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #8 Assam State
Designated Agency
Centrelocus Clients - Assam State Designated Agency Assam State Designated Agency (ASDA) is a Government of India-approved agency for monitoring electricity usage. To allow better improvisation of their idea, the ASDA aimed to create an informative and interactive website to keep the users updated about each notification. This way it aimed to bridge the knowledge gap and maintain immense transparency.
Thus, we created this website with all the proficient technologies in use and made it potent enough to allow automated calculation of electricity bills. This not just helped the authority but also the citizen to estimate their electricity bill and understand the ways to minimize consumption. It further led to a reduction of administrative costs and workload for the agency.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #9 Keksblog Centrelocus Clients - Keksblog It is a sweet cake shop that wanted to expand its delicacies’ taste and add sweetness to maximum tongues. Though Keksblog never failed to impress its customer with the taste yet oftentimes found themselves lacking in presenting their work and allowing customers to see what all is available in the shop. As a result, it was becoming time-consuming for both Keksblog’s team and customers too.
Thus, to boost keksblog’s business experience and bridge the prevailing gaps we designed a beautiful website that does justice to their work. With the launch of an attractive and self-explanatory website, the shop experienced a significant rise in bakery orders which led to increased revenues. Moreover, the customers feel informed about all the offerings and the bounce rates of the website have decreased gradually too.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #10 Milderer Hof Centrelocus Clients - Milderer Hof Today, Mildererhof is a 4-start hotel that initially suffered from the lower conversion rates and experienced immense complexities in managing the bookings. This also increased the booking cancellation and bounce rates. It resulted in a declining turnover for the hotel and impacted its market reputation too.
So, we built a TYPO3 CMS-based website with the complete integration of an automated booking system. It helps to eradicate the duplicity of the booking and allow delivery of effective hospitality. With a well-informed website, customers get all their queries sorted in real-time without any delay. Thus, a Mildererhof happening website brings pleasure to the management and customers too.

Technology used: PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
Slide Case Studies #11 Golf Planet Holiday Golf Planet Holidays - Happy client website Despite having the unique holiday model, the Golf planet holiday struggled with attracting traffic and decent conversions to their business. This is where the company delve deeper to understand the gap and they found the gap lying in their online presence which serves as the first reliable point of interaction. As a result, we helped them bridge this gap in the most proficient manner.
While developing their website we focused on presenting their listings in a self-explanatory manner so that the clients get an easy sail on their website. This helped to eliminate their bouncing rate and certainly brings high conversion. Moreover, having a website added a prestigious identity to the brand and brought their customized plan ideas to the limelight.

Technology used: Woo commerce, HTML and CSS
Slide Case Studies #12 Happiness Imprint HAPPINESS IMPRINT - Happy client website This UAE youth community wanted to expand their initiative to the majority of people and attract a huge volunteer base. Though the idea was full-fledged executed on the ground level but lacked marketing strategies to enhance its ecosystem. This is where Centrelocus came into existence and helped the Happiness Imprints team by developing their website.
Today, the website serves as the first and the best introduction to its mission and vision. This helped like-minded people to connect as the volunteer and take initiative to the global level. Moreover, the website is so designed to illustrate all the activities and notifications which matter to the youth. As a result, members and the audience find it easier to interact now.

Technology used: Microsoft asp DOTnet
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