What do we serve?

iOS app development: iOS is Apple's mobile OS is designed to run on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch hardware. We, with our expert team of developers' program iOS applications using languages such as Swift, Objective-C, or React native for building cross-platform native framework. Additionally, the iOS app development requires XCode as the graphical interface for its efficient programming, designing, debugging &development which makes it a complex process. But not to worry, stay relaxed and watch us doing this entire complex coding to decode the platform for your better market reach. We take full responsibility to enhance your business horizon with our effective usage of iOS SDK and iOS native Dev kit which provides on-demand solutions. Most importantly, we ensure all the iOS tools, technologies, and kits that allow customized manipulations don't remain underutilized. Our transparency and
timely delivery norms followed by an excellent track record of providing delightful and desired technical iOS solutions add a victory feather to your cap.

Android app development: We take pride in programming the full-stack application for the Android operating system which holds the major portion of the market. These applications are primarily written using Kotlin, C++, Java, and non-JVM languages too. The official app so created is deployed to the widest app distribution platform i.e. Google Play store. Our determined and passionate developers put their expertise to use for fetching millions of downloads for your desired android application. Our android applications are significant change-maker as they are backed by precise development strategy, viable solutions to the query, seamless design, and user-friendly interface. Our robust implementation of Android SDK, Android NDK, and UI/UX based wireframing, concept, visuals, and interactions help you get ace over the competitors. At Centre locus, we bring our major focus on ensuring the effective use
of varied languages and tools to support cross-platform operations.

No doubt a web app has a short life cycle but is capable enough to let you lead. Yes, we make you lead the pathway through our in-built technical and marketing capabilities. We can build customized web applications from scratch and streamlining your existing back & front-end functionalities too.

Hybrid app development: Connecting the distinct dots of your desires and framing the required structure is what we expertise in. Hybrid app development being one of the successful examples of distinct dots connection is a blended structure of the web and native applications written using web application frameworks, technologies, tools, and languages. Thereupon, this application is encapsulated in the format of a native application through Apache Cordova or Ionics' capacitor. Such native browsers
supporting hybrid applications are UI WebView in iOS and Web View for Androids.
These solutions allow extension of plug-ins to provide full access to the users' devices and serves as the complete enterprise solution. Such application development is faster, rapid, simpler, and highly recommended.

Progressive web application (PWA) : Web applications are the form of application programs that are built on remote servers and delivered to the user's device over the Internet. The end-user gets the privilege of accessing these applications directly through a web browser such as Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. With the use of PWA the hybrid web pages can be created which improves web experience over the mobile. Thus, PWA is fast, reliable, and most of all engaging. The PWA is a significant technology that allows the following three dimensions to the businesses:

• Improves the Reach
• User-friendly cost of Acquisition
• Significant Conversions
We write these applications using very efficient languages such as JavaScript, CSS,
and HTML 5 along with the latest technologies.

Why choose us for app development?

Our commitment to cater to your application requirement is indubitable as it undergoes several rigorous phases before being deployed for market accessibility.

Alpha Testing: Being at the basic stage of development such testing is conducted through internal members. Here, the close nexus of individuals provide their relevant feedback and justify the scope of improvements. Once the application gets approved by our internal team of testers it is then followed by more real testing.

Beta Testing: The application so created is tested initially using the XC Test framework, which is backed by beta testing. At this phase, few external users are invited to be a part of the testing process and provide feedback by installing the Test flight application. The feedbacks are focused on Push notifications, networking, data storage, ease of operation, etc. Such feedbacks followed by recommendations are given due consideration for improvements if any.

Cloud Testing: The performance of the app gets legitimately tested on real devices with distinct OS and android versions accessible on the cloud. This gives a precise understanding of the iOS application's overall behavior and quality.

Deployment: With the successful testing of the application we ultimately give it a green signal to be deployed on app stores for wider user access.

Technologies we believe in?

Every technology chosen by us for you is backed by strong reasoning to provide conditional seasoning for your digital diets. Let's see what technologies we adhere to.
React Native
Angular JS
Node JS
This is the UI toolkit for natively compiled mobile & desktop applications backed by a single programming language and codebase. The Flutter apps are coded using Dart as the programming language. It provides the ease of customizing high performance applications through its animation, gestures, and wizards. The optimized and full-featured 2D mobile applications (runs on both android and iOS) are developed using the flutter elements. The quicker application development can be
ensured by adhering to its hot-reload feature. The feature allows the fast depiction of altered and updated codes on the app platform too. With Flutter the users can experience a seamless & smoother scrolling experience with the least operational hindrances. Since the flutter apps are cross-platform based, therefore the testing time and efforts get gradually reduced. This toolkit proves suitable for the minimum viable product due to its speedy development and cross-platformed nature.
This is the JavaScript-based framework designed to develop Android and iOS mobile applications. React native allows writing native codes in Java language for Androids and Swift or Objective-C for iOS enhancing its flexibility. The host platform's API standards rendered by React Native make them stand out amongst all cross-platform technologies. Here, most importantly, the high performance of the application can be maintained without sacrificing capability as it works separately from the basic UI thread. The react native provides overall mobile development considering the cross-platform potential and user-friendly interface. Its "live reload" feature enables users to immediately witness the results of alterations. Additionally, it also brings the element of the Graphics Processing Unit into applications to ensure super-fast operations.
It is one of the robust programming languages created by Apple to develop applications for iOS, Apple TV, Mac, and Apple Watch. This is the most powerful open source technology which provides real-time feedback and seamless incorporation with existing Objective-C code the codes written using this are comparatively safer, more reliable, prone to lesser errors and provides richer app
experiences to the user. This being the advanced programming language provides a certain reduction in application size which eventually increases the performance of the application. Such apps ensure readability, security, and reuse ability, also rewarding smooth functioning owing to their lesser crashing rate.
Angular JS is an open-source structural framework for dynamic web application development. It allows the extension of HTML's syntax for clear and succinct expression of application components. The framework is well-known for creating Rich Internet Applications through automatic data synchronization between model and view components. Its deep linking feature allows encoding the application state in the URL for bookmarking and providing a responsive experience. It is sufficiently potent to run effectively on all major browsers, iOS, and Android-based devices too.
It is a server-side platform built on Chrome's JavaScript for developing fast and scalable network-based applications. It is an event-driven and non-blocking Input output framework running across distributed devices. Node. Js-based applications are written in JavaScript with the runtime on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. The JavaScript modules simplify the development of web applications and make them lightweight, perfectly data-intensive, and real-time efficient. The library of Node.js
makes the code execution faster. This single-threaded program can serve many requests and output data in chunks.
Being interoperable to Java, it is believed to be the second language for Android app development. It is a statically typed general-purpose programming language with is entirely cross-platform. The powerful and clean syntax provides the scope for stable coding with fewer bugs. The language holds the potential to develop existing Java-based projects through it, which makes it a better industrial object oriented language. It supports procedural programming with its default, variable length, and name arguments.
The open-source application development framework provides tools and services to build mobile UI for native interface and experience. Ionic-based applications run faster with a single codebase on Java Script &Web looking great on all devices. With its adaptive styling app feels smooth and homely. The developers are also allowed to ship iOS-based app to app stores as PWA with its single code base. Essentially, this framework requires a native wrapper to run efficiently on all devices. The framework needs a native wrapper to be able to run on mobile devices. Recently the Ionic has become the favorite choice of all with its Live Reload, deployment, integration, and CLI feature.
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