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    Centre Locus is the top offshore IT Company that offer the best software development services in the USA, Canada, and UAE area that optimizes business processes.
    Offshore IT Company  in the USA, Canada, and UAE
  • Application to Appreciation

    With the customized Mobile and web applications you choose to earn an edge for you .This edge is where you start gaining an ace over others.
    Application to Appreciation
  • E-commerce : a convenient ride

    E-commerce is certainly creating room for convenience to prevail in the long term sustainment of the businesses . Electronically gaining an advancement with lesser cost is always a win win situation .
    E-Commerce A Convenient Ride

 Software Development Services



The creation of an effective web interface is a result of several efforts and technicalities put in
place altogether. And we are happy to use these valuable energies, to make your web interface vibe good and act responsively.


The right design is the prominent part of every digital platform makes it the point of attraction.
Everybody talks merely about the beautiful outlay, but we believe in making it beautifully apt, with no vagueness.
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

A handy approach of any business house stands as the powerful mechanism to rule the clientele base. And this is possible with the right type of mobile application that makes it convenient to communicate and convey business ideas. So, why not choose convenience?
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The business with the organic reach often gains better growth momentum but the question is how to gain such reach? So, get in touch with digital marketing company and experience the power of digital marketing  strategies at Centre locus and witness the significant success rate.

Market Analysis

We are thorough with our market research & analysis, thus can add better technical USP to your business perspective. Our every step takes you closer to a better business world.

Technical Solution

In consideration of your technical requirements we offer prominent solutions. As a result, with the right solutions in place, we add more strength to your spectrum.

Project Management

No matter what niche, Offshore IT Development Company in Canada and UAE  offered  highly proficient team of developers and managers who manages each project with grace and deliver the output within the stipulated timeframe.

Mobile App Development Services in the USA, Canada, and UAE

Resource Mapping

With the excellent personnel network we provide a skilled workforce to our digital partners, looking to hire or outsource their projects in the desired format.

Financial Advice

Apart from technical expertise we consider financial advising for our clients too. This helps to incorporate better ideas and bridge the gap between technical requirements and financial constraints.

Digital Advancement

Not just technical development or up-gradation, we can deliver our digital marketing expertise too. Our crisp and apt digital marketing strategies create better health and wealth for your business.

We understand the importance of timely completion of our research homework so that suitable
analysis and ideas can be incorporated into the plan.
The development with the right creativity is what we believe in. As a result, we ensure that your interface looks unique and appealing with our innovation in place.
Action Plans
Our action plans are our strength, we consider right resource mapping within the right space at the right time framework. As a result, our action plans to guide us throughout the project  process.
Great Tests
Every project completed and delivered undergoes several testing norms and scaling measures. Thus, we can say that we are potent to offer completely tested projects at your service.
Offshore IT Company in the USA, Canada, and UAE | Delivering the Right Solutions

Choice To Choose the Right Offshore IT Company

With the synchronized resource mapping and mechanism to ensure the right availability at the right place, we facilitate the services of on-demand outsourcing

With this, we offer a skilled and desired set of employees at their quickest convenience with proper procedural fulfillment
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Delivering The Right Solutions

We are the top offshore IT Company that helps to develop, maintain and deliver great impact for your business line in the USA, Canada and UAE area.

With due consideration to all updated technologies and strategies we can deliver the best we can from web and app development to digitally marketing the interface.
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Amit Gupta
CEO and Strategy Head
Jason Swann
Client Engagement Head
Project Manager
Flora Thomas
Employee Care unit
Offshore IT Company  in the USA, Canada, and UAE | Testimonial
  • Testimonial

    Centrelocus has supported us very well since the past 5 years in the area of eCommernce and Web development. The cooperation is very successful and we are looking to continue for years to come. We particularly like the ability to think along with the project and then implement the specifications correctly. The support after delivery has been fantastic so far.
    Bernhard Viligar
    CEO (Zurich)
  • What they’re saying

    Their ability to work under pressure is superb and that makes our life easy and finally, we have found a great partner in them and look for long term collaborations. I would recommend them to anyone without any hesitations. We have always found their work to be of a very high standard, something our clients have agreed with. In addition, the guys themselves are great to work with and make the process very easy, nothing is too much trouble
    Syed Byhaqi
    CEO (UK)
  • What they’re saying

    From small responsive standalone to larger enterprise level projects, Centrelocus has everything that is needed to do the job right. The passion to work and go the extra mile is the best in them. Highly reliable sources, I have been working in the IT industry for 20 years and can say that they are the best to deal with excellent communications.
    Markus Zehrer
  • What they’re saying

    Wonderful people to work with, from start to implementation there has been tremendous amount of support.
    Kimberly Clark
  • What they’re saying

    We have been working with Centrelocus since 3 years and as the time passed we became use to their service quality, we even tried to outsource to some other agency once due to lack of time however, we had to cancel the project and move to Centrelocus even though they were full but we were ready to wait as the quality is superb.
    Bob Watson
  • What they’re saying

    Excellent support after Mobile app delivery, they just don’t implement and let you go but they actually handhold to make you comfortable.
    Ali Abdel Karim
  • What they’re saying

    Amazing capabilities in Artificial intelligence. The app turned out to be a masterpiece.
    Dr James King


Offshore IT Solutions that broadens your horizons

Offshore IT Solutions That Broadens Your Horizons.

Add strength to your business horizon with our firm digital backbone . Our serving bucket is all set to deliver you expertise and excellence.
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