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Project Introduction

//Project brief

The Krakel app is designed for pulmonologists to enhance patient diagnosis by recording and storing lung sounds from all 13 regions of the lungs. This feature facilitates remote diagnostics and second opinions, making it an innovative tool that strengthens trust between doctors and patients. The app can identify specific lung sounds associated with various respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis and pneumonia, aiding in accurate diagnoses. Additionally, Crackle supports continuous monitoring and progress tracking of both outpatient and hospitalized patients, thereby contributing to comprehensive care management.

Project Requirements


  • 1
    Ability to record lung sounds from all 13 areas of the lungs.
  • 2
    Advanced algorithms to analyze lung sounds and identify specific respiratory conditions like bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • 3
    Tools to facilitate remote diagnosis and obtaining second opinions from other specialists.
  • 4
    Intuitive and user-friendly interface for ease of use by healthcare professionals.
  • 5
    High-level security measures to protect sensitive patient data.

Project Outcome


The Krakel app significantly enhanced the capabilities of pulmonologists in diagnosing and managing respiratory conditions. By enabling precise and comprehensive lung sound analysis, the app improved diagnostic accuracy, allowing healthcare professionals to identify specific respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia more reliably. The app's functionality for generating detailed reports and facilitating second opinions fostered greater collaboration among medical specialists, which, in turn, boosted confidence in diagnostic decisions. Furthermore, Crackle's continuous monitoring features ensured that both outpatient and hospitalized patients could be assessed regularly, allowing for timely adjustments in their treatment plans. This continuous oversight helped in better management of respiratory diseases, contributing to improved patient care and health outcomes. Overall, the introduction of the Crackle app represented a significant advancement in the field of pulmonology, streamlining processes, enhancing patient trust, and ensuring more data-driven, effective treatment strategies.