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Regardless, of the marketing strategy press articles hold a prominent place in the brand-building process. Thus, press publications are potent to address the promising needs of your brand.

What Type of Publications Does  Centrelocus Offer?

How can our Press Publications benefit your brand?

Working with us is the simplest yet most effective way to bring your brand to the limelight.
An irresistible press article is potent to add a layer of growth to your business journey.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

It is considered the most effective way to enhance the brand authority on Google. The articles drafted and published by us are fully optimized to rank higher on the widely used platform. Ideally, a well–written and articulated press article fetches the attention of major stakeholders as they find it the most reliable source to receive information about the brand or related personnel.

Strengthening Brand Reputation

Press publication is seen as the most trustable data source and anything coming through reputed publication houses certainly becomes the talk of the town. This is where your brand gets the opportunity to reach multiple users at the same time. Hence,  Centrelocus becomes the center point for attracting a healthy brand reputation and long–term growth for your business entity.

Higher Conversions with Improved Search Results

Our team, not just drafts and publishes the articles but also ensures that they are SEO optimized which means your brand becomes potent to rule search results. Thus, it helps to eliminate the gap between marketing and sales. Moreover, a well-drafted press article containing all the true events relating to the subject helps to develop brand loyalty amongst users too.

Social media Engagement

Today if anyone comes across any new name or brand, they first check the social media existence of the person. Thus, with our content writing and optimization expertise, we ensure that you gain greater social media engagement through press publications too. We always try to incorporate one or two social media links in the press article to provide easy access to the brand page.

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Process of Creating Effective Press Publications

Commitment with great consistency is what a brand success mantra looks like. Besides
these, we focus on the refined process which contributes immensely towards the brand
building algorithm.

Pick your press package

While you go through our packages, decide your industrial goals. Remember your package defines your press reach and thus the conversion rate. So, be wise while you pick your package size.

Confirm and Contract

Once you select your package and complete all necessary procedures, our team comes in an active role. Our PR team sends you a detailed copy of the contract within 24 hours after receiving your confirmation.

Questionnaire session

One of the industrial experts from our PR team gets in touch with a few custom questions. Our questionnaires are highly comprehensive to understand the brand story, positioning, challenges, offerings, struggles, etc to draft meaningful and relevant press articles.

Drafting Article

Now, it’s the time where you can sit back and relax because our team gets busy with turning your stories into impressive press articles. Once we are done with creating the draft it is sent to the relevant publishers for review.

Client Review

Once our pitch and article format is accepted by the publisher, then we send these articles to you for the final review. Please note we do not publish anything anywhere prior to seeking clients’ approval. So, review and feel free to communicate your ideas to us.

Press Submission

If the client is satisfied with the article then it is sent to the publishers and also shared over social media handles to bring more organic traffic. Do not forget higher the brand visibility; the better is the conversion rate.

Press Case Study

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