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With the well- versed team of developers, we stand efficient to customize your web development requirements. Over the years of continuous successful project delivery across the globe, we have diversified our web development portfolio.
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PHP Based Web Development Services

Our profound expertise in PHP based web development is backed by set of technologies which add interactive and attractive feature to your web interface . Thus , find the quickest way to streamline your business growth.

Core PHP

We make the best use of Core PHP technology to create customized and dynamic web pages. With the proficient use of its diversified library and functionalities, we develop a responsive website for your convenience. Since, PHP works on a fixed set of rules to eradicate the hassle. As a result, we can deliver a consistent and timely completed project.


The advanced professional PHP packages of ZEND allow us to cater elegantly to your web requirements. Its 100% object-oriented coding structure acts as a tool to provide a model-view-controller framework. Thus, this stands prominent in our list of technology. Most importantly, we make the best use of its composer as a package dependency manager to exhibit our expertise at best.


Since Laravel is tailored with PHP framework thus it becomes our ideal choice for authentication, caching, and routing sessions which form the part of the majority of web projects. 

We, Offshore Website Development Company completely utilize its expressive syntax to create a highly creative and self-explanatory digital platform for you. Its server-side PHP framework is the backend one and is potent to allow us to build full-stack apps with the user accounts, order management, etc. 

The Laravel is a bit complex solution to the web requirements as it requires configuration, choice of development patterns, and other functionalities. But guess what this complexity shouldn’t scare you because our partnership makes the job easier for you.

Code Ignitor

It is the PHP MVC framework used to develop web applications. With the use of its elongated library, we can conveniently connect with the database and illustrate various operations such as managing sessions, uploading files and sending emails, etc for you. It allows us to provide robust application and web development without much time involvement.

Cake PHP

We assure to develop, deploy, and maintain PHP-based web pages for you with the use of its MVC principle. Cake PHP framework is licensed under MIT and is modeled after the introduction of the Ruby on Rails concept. Additionally, we add icing to your cake of web pages with the hybrid of data mapper pattern, active record pattern, and borrowing core concepts too.


It is the blend of reusable PHP components which is ideal for developing APIs, microservices, WebPages, and applications. It is completely the backend framework that helps us to develop complex yet lightweight projects. Usually, we use Silex micro-framework or Symfony microkernel to ensure speedy and sorted layouts. Centre locus make sure to add power gear to your online existence with the use of additional features of debugging, document projects, and developer tests.

.NET Based Web Development Services

Dot Net Core

This is an advanced framework that is free, open-source and a general-purpose platform for building applications. We utilize all its functionalities from scratch to create lightweight, cross-platform, fast, and modular web projects. Its potential to reduce the memory footprint and ease the maintenance task makes it our prominent choice. With the execution of code at greater consistency and CLI tools for multiple languages, we bring better compatibility to your digital experience.

Dot Net Nuke

Centre Locus, Offshore Website Development Company developers completely utilize the three–tier architecture model of Dot Net Nuke to deliver better extensibility. Alongside the proficient use of its in-house development functionality, we provide security, content management, user administration and tailor the specific deployment needs too. This is the application framework and content management system that is completely based on Microsoft.


It is an open-source CMS platform to facilitate the publishing of content on WWW and intranets. Umbraco, being the leading ASP.NET CMS that is highly flexible to run anything from basic to complex becomes our prominent choice too. The delivery of supportive resources and an eye-catchy framework to attract clients becomes our main aim here.

Site core

Centre Locus, Offshore Website Development Company provide a seamless personalized digital experience for enterprises. Being powered by .Net CMS, digital marketing, and commerce tools. Site core give us an edge to draw insight into the customer need and leverage what fits right. We use ASP.NET web forms or MVC to administer the HTML pages. Thus, we are proficiently able to make the best use of any programming language based on the .NET framework.
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