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This latest framework in the tech list is gaining huge acceptance and becoming the choice of prominent players in the industry. 
The concept of Hybrid apps becomes more alive with this Development Kit.

What is NativeScript?

This MIT licensed open source kit is largely meant for developing effective interface with the optimum use of HTML.CSS and Java Script. The environs of this framework are extremely diversified and progressive. As a result, it allows development of both mobile and web apps while addressing the native look and feel. Framework 7 stands powerful with its community support, performance, documentation and certainly the native functionality.
Prototyping tool
Apt for Hybrid Apps
Community Driven

Why is it our choice?

The rich and elaborative ecosystem of the Framework 7 is its major USP. Therefore, these fully packed functionalities make us work better for you. So, let’s have a look at these rich elements in the app development ecosystem.
Framework 7 core
Framework 7 CLI
Framework 7 Vue
Framework 7 Icons
Framework 7 React
Framework 7 Svelte
Apart from these, elements like Forum, Templates, Blogs, Plugins, Apps Showcase, Jobs and Developers are the addition to the Framework 7’s richness.
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