Mobile App Development Companies are the strength that businesses aim to include in their operations to utilize their potential. As a result, the businesses focus on partnering with robust companies that blend technological expertise and market understanding quite well. Some of the popular mobile app development companies in Canada that have benefited several companies are mentioned here.

List Of The Best Mobile Development Company in Canada


Centrelocus is the full- fledged web and mobile app development service provider that delivers customized applications by incorporating all upgraded technologies. Over the 8 years of its establishment the company has served various clients with Android, iOS , Hybrid and PWA app development. Centrelocus ensures robust implementation of Android SDK , Android NDK , UI/UX , iOS SDK, iOS native Dev kit for delivering on –demand solutions.

The programming languages that company uses are Kotlin, C++ , Java ,Swift, Objective – C , React Native and others. Centrelocus is known for delivering customized and innovative business solutions to the clients across US , UK , Canada, UAE and other parts of the world.

247 Labs Inc.

It is a Toronto – based Software Development Company that focuses on enterprise app development for various industries such as Fintech, Healthtech, and others. Since 2013, the company has been developing iOS, Android and Hybrid mobile applications using the best – suited tech stack. It meets customer requirements by creating mobile Apps, fixing bugs, prototyping the applications and keeping them updated.

Guarana Technologies

Guarana is the mobile app development agency that has been developing customized mobile applications since 2011. The company provides App development services like Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality to suit the business needs of the startups and all forms of enterprises. The company builds native iOS and Android applications for clients across various industries.

Root Quotient

It is a software development company that designs and develops innovative mobile – applications. Besides the mobile app development the other services of the company includes – Digital product development, Data analytics and Digital strategy consultation. The company designs the architecture for several independent modules at Backend, Frontend and Database. The common tech stacks that company uses are Flutter, React Native, Swift, React Js, Ember, Angular Js, Vue Js, Rails, Python, Postgre SQL, MongoDB , Raspberry Pi , Tensor flow etc.

The AppLabb

AppLabb is the mobile technology firm that develops intelligent mobile applications for large , mid-sized, and startups businesses. The company delivers custom apps by focusing on the UI/UX designs with the pre-loaded features as voice commands, geo – location , and on-demand ordering. The company uses latest tech stacks to develop transforming business applications and serves the clients worldwide.
The mobile applications add mobility feature to the businesses and expand digital presence. As a result, the businesses shall look for agencies that provides full –fledged mobile development services. One such known development agency in the industry is that is widely chosen by businesses.