With our genuine concern towards serving the needs of the business world effectively, we pledge to provide the best technical resources for your convenience. Our dedicated and expert team of developers are potent to serve the need of all business possibilities across the world. The rising competition in the industry demands highly skilled professionals to act in a customized manner. So, this is where the Centre Locus becomes the major point of focus.

Our Commitments

We hold the potential to deliver proficiency with profitability and provide additional advantages to be your fit choice.

Time Advantage

Being the global service provider, we ensure to provide the time zone advantage to our clientele across the world. Our team works at different time zones as a result we can dedicatedly meet deadlines without compromising on the work quality.


With our proficient technologies in use we ensure a transparent work environment. Once you hire our experts, you can truly get access to check the work progress relating to the assigned projects.

No overhead cost

Hiring our experts significantly reduces the project cost involved as you don't have to bear the additional overhead cost. The contract cost is just the amount for which you get the expertise for your projects.

Free- trial

To make you more confident about our experts we provide you a free trial for one week. In this one week, you can observe our work structure and examine the potential of the employee.

Diversified experience

With mastery over several dimensions we can serve best on the table. The large team that expertise in almost all aspects of IT is just a registration away to make projects a grand success.

Personnel in abundance

We have a team of experts in abundance owing to which we can ensure timely completion of the assigned projects.

Why choose our  personnel resource?

No matter how powerful the planning is what it requires ultimately is the expert hands to execute it well. This is where we come into role and provide right personnel at the right time to act right for you.

Subject matter experts

Our recruitment team gets the knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees on the board. Irrespective of what you choose to be served upon, partnership will our team never turns to be a loss. From technical to management our staff stands completely proficient and can be the firm hands to hold for betterment.
Virtaual Employee in the USA, Canada, and UAE
Virtaual Employee in the USA, Canada, and UAE

Work with belongingness

The resources are certainly ours but the results are completely yours. Our personnel abide by all the promised commitments and deliver value in what they do for you. They understand the fact that Partner Company is an additional work zone for them, so they never stand partial to any of their work commitments.

Availability at all time zones

With the multiple personnel on board we are able to serve the requirement of clients from all time zones. No matter where you are based, our virtual team can join at your convenient time. As a result, the work never gets hampered with the physical boundaries.
Virtaual Employee in the USA, Canada, and UAE
Virtaual Employee in the USA, Canada, and UAE

Just a click away

No more spending on job ads, recruitment formalities and regular salary. The efficient and effective team or a team member is just a click away. All you need to do is getting in touch with us at earliest with your requirements and rest is on us.

With the closing of the project, we don't intend to close the professional binding with the other business entity. As a result, we leverage post-project completion services as well where our human resources stay in touch with you. With this major advantage, we ensure serving as the support mechanism till the project starts yielding its healthy results.
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